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Puertorican term for Bus. I've heard this used many times by ricans in Chicago.
Rocio - "I need to get downtown, can I get a ride?"
Efrain - "Naw mami, you gonna have to catch the wawa."

Rocio standing on the corner - "Where is that fucking wawa?!"
#transportation #metro #bus #cta #autobus
by Smokahontas June 20, 2007
Aye Ya!- meaning: Oh no! or damn!
an expression of disgust, frustration, exasperation or just plain ol pissed off.
Derived from China, usually used by the elderly with both hands thrown in the air or slapped on both cheeks, or thighs.
in layman terms: WTF!
Chung Li comes in the house with hair dyed purple.
Grandma - "Aye Ya!"
#iee yah #oh no #omg #eyee yaah! #wtf!
by Smokahontas June 20, 2007
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