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People who thrive on bad news; who always want to be "in on the action" when there is a disaster/tragedy; who try to find any personal connection, no matter how remote, to the current tragedy; and who make things sound more serious/emotional/melodramatic than they really are -- as a way of drawing attention to themselves more than anything else.

Similar to, but more specific than a drama queen. A sympathy whore gravitates towards an event, be it a plane crash, flood, serious illness or the death of someone else.

Different from a drama ho.
"Oh my God! (sob) My brother's best friend's nephew was just killed in a car accident. (sob). It's just so awful...(sob). When is the funeral? (sob) No, I'd never met him, but I need to be there to support my brother. (wail)" -- example of a sympathy whore
by Smilla Jas December 07, 2006
A past participle used in the passive voice as an adjective to describe an actor or actress who will always be known for one role he/she played early in his/her career. More than just typecast, the performer is known for one specific role.

Origin is Curtis Armstrong's character Booger in REVENGE OF THE NERDS. People don't remember Armstrong's real name -- they only know him as "Booger."

Vaguely related to stereotyping.
"Hey, look! There's Frodo! He's been totally boogered." -- what to say when Elijah Wood walks by.
by Smilla Jas March 27, 2007

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