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5 definitions by Smileytattoos

Fried pork rinds usually with hot sauce drippin off that shit.
Aye, my nigga lemme get some of the cracklins!!
by Smileytattoos July 07, 2006
8 2
tellin a really big lie
man 1: Man I robbed that fool for 10,000$
man 2: Nigga you shitn me.
by SmileyTattoos July 07, 2006
3 0
Pertained to a lazy woman or girl who wears flip flops or house shoes and drags them while she walks
Ay cuz look at that footdragon ass bitch over there.
by Smileytattoos June 13, 2006
6 4
A place where the colored folk can go get they mack on and they shop on at the same time.
Lets go to Wallgreens and get them new Air Force 1's, and find a freak to holla at...
by Smileytattoos July 07, 2006
8 24
A Lame Ass Term Used by virginians, pertaining to the female gender
Look Man Lemme holla at ya stick girl
by Smileytattoos July 07, 2006
24 55