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The best saying ever. It was said in an episode of College Humor's: Jake and Amir. It's been said throughout the seasons, but there is an episode called "Twas a Dream". A "laugh-out-loud" moment. Amir get's into his rapping moments, and blurts it out. Possibly one of the most famous quotes on Youtube.
Amir: "Oh sheesh y'all, twas a dream!"
Jake: "Was it really?"
Amir: "Nay, it really happened"
by SmilesAreLove July 13, 2010
A phrase used when talking. A way of saying "Just stop, ok?", or "That's ridiculous...", or "What were you thinking?". Usually said with a kick of sass to it.
1. Miranda: "And he said he was married and all...but he said that their relationship was rocky...so I thought that meant he could have sex with me. It wasn't my fault, really!"
Lizzy: *Rolls eyes* "Girl, please..."

2. Stacey: "...So who cares if I'm now in a thousand dollars of debt? I mean the shoes ARE really cute...right?"
Emily: "Girl, please..."
by SmilesAreLove July 13, 2010
When someone pretends to be high, when really they aren't. The truth is, they're too afraid to actually do drugs, so they trick others into thinking that they're high. To do that, they act very high, such as air-heady.
1:"Wow, Joe is really high."
2:"Haha, Joe? Nah, he's faux-high."
1:"For real? Wow..."
by SmilesAreLove July 13, 2010
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