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pocket-up: to fill your pockets with your guy stuff - wallet, keys, spare change, tissues, bill clip, etc.

un-pocket: removing everything from your pockets

re-pocket: putting everything back in your pocket after un-pocketing at a security screening.

The act of putting your guy stuff in your pockets each morning and taking them out each evening. Also when going through a security screening.
On days that I travel it seems like all I do is pocket-up, un-pocket, and re-pocket. Maybe I should just carry a purse.
by SmileK33 July 02, 2012
When you have a pen but no paper and MUST write something down. The palm of your hand becomes your memo pad. Often used by Democrats as well.
When this liberal gal wrote my e-mail address on the palm of her hand, I thought; even Democrats know how to use a maverick memo pad.
by SmileK33 April 18, 2010

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