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Small hermit like cretin that sees no sunlight. Spends most of their time watchin collectors edition dvds or males in pants and tights rubbin against and playing with each other ie. WWE wrestling. Ususally has a collection of spots on chin HUGE ones.
Wee Div does nothin but watch dvds and look at girls "gettin a bit o meat" on the t'internet.
by Smiddy man January 31, 2005
Commonly known as tits or titties. Smiddies acts a new and improved demention to the female items that we all know and love.
"DAMN!!! check the Smiddies on her!"
by Smiddy man January 28, 2005
"BAIL OF HAY" used when someone has taken something too far and no-one laughs. This is in place of a tumbleweed, a bail of hay is bigger therefore the joke is shitter. A quick wave of the arm across the body can also symbolise this term.
"yeah and then you take a shit on her chest!!"
by Smiddy man January 30, 2005

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