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The feeling of nausea one is overcome by, when witnessing a completely embarrasing situation.
Watching Facts of Life gave me major douche chills.
by Smegma April 01, 2004
Brilliance beyone all other made up words. The fact that it can be used for virtually anything is clever. One may substitute it for anything. This isn't a definition, more of an essay of the word. It is nice and smooth, and it makes me feel fuzzy.
Lahrd! Glahrious lahrd!
by smegma January 08, 2004
an extremely small, disgusting penis-- most likely owned by Frank Chi or Ben Kessler
Gurrrrrllll, I nearly died when I felt him grindin his turtleweenie into my ass!
by smegma March 27, 2004
one who thinks with wrong head while trying to score head
Pj thought he could get some in texas, but ends up with law enforcement in kansas.
by smegma July 07, 2004
A gay.

Specifically, a male who is either homosexual or exhibits an extraordinary number of flagrantly homosexual tendencies.
I just went to get sushi in Greenwich Village and overheard a 486 talking on his cell phone about how he sucked a dozen guys off at a party!
by Smegma January 29, 2005

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