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A pseudo name for a person introducing themselves to strangers. A disguise name that is feeling out the racism level of the people surrounding you. A name to introduce yourself as, in order to see if other people there do not care for african americans (blacks).
Hey, I'm Mike.

Biff Nigger, how ya doin?
by Smee487 July 18, 2010
A place with a lot of girls. A party or bar with a strong ratio of females to males. Situation with bountiful vagina's around and available.

Short for box festival, a derivative of pussyfest or pussy festival.
This fucking bar is a box fest.

This pussyfest is a box fest
by Smee487 July 18, 2010
a wild and out of control sexual experience involving more than two people. Traditionally 2 or more males on one female. Also known as a gang bang, but in more of a frantic manner in the action of a friendzy. People who are not engaging in sex at the time, however are in the same room, are doing something of action (shooting pool, playing beer pong, boxing, wrestling, playing darts).
Me, Jim, Kyle, Bill, Todd and Mike friendzy fucked Cait.
by Smee487 July 18, 2010
vagina, pussy, cunt, slit, ax wound, stink hole, stink pocket.
I put my cock in her salami pouch.
by Smee487 July 18, 2010
A surprising and unexpected queef resulting in jubilation of all parties present.

A person who is being lame, and therefor acting like an extreme vaginal sound.
Bitch, you're a fucking Holiday Queef.

Shut the fuck up you holiday queef.

Oh this sex is amazing. Pfffft.....Woops! That was a fabulous Holiday Queef!
by Smee487 July 18, 2010
long tubular instrument played by ancient cultures. tradionally blacks.

A slang term for blacks. Similar to nigger, or monday, however more discrete in vulgarity to black people.
Fuck that smelly, dirty, worthless, unemployed, greedy, needy digeridoo.

Fuckin digeridoo playing gorilla.
by Smee487 July 18, 2010

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