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to stack many items in the fridge or freezer, especially when it initially seems that they won't all fit.
(based on the video game where you fit falling bricks together)
"Can you tetris these leftovers for me?"
by Smedley Von Shnurdley September 08, 2009
The act of reading a book while dozing off. Usually this is intentional, reading in order to fall asleep.
Bob spent the afternoon sleading outside on his porch swing.
by Smedley von Shnurdley June 22, 2012
A feeling of depression, general malaise. The blues.
Also, to make someone feel this way: "That jerk really smedded me."
From the cartoon character Smedley the dog, who is the big loser in Chilly Willy cartoons.
"I've got the Saturday night smeds"
by Smedley von Shnurdley December 21, 2009

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