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1 definition by Sme e e zee

A birthday celebration of epic proportions, held in late march. March 25, 2011 Known to exhort overall Improvement in mood to the point of Euphoria, Wavering Consciousness, Ataxia, Pandemonium, Memory Loss, relaxed judgment, Amativity, and in some cases lost or misplaced clothing (belts or ties). Nenepalooza is most famously a catalyst for random acts of nudity and Exhibitionism. Straight Nastiness!
J:Sir I believe it would be civicaly responsible for us to warn fema about Nenepalooza. Cuz we gone wreck shit worse than katrina!"

R: it will also be fair to warn everyone that they might wanna hide their kids, hide their wives, and hide their husbands!!!

You can only survive Nenepalooza once a year
by Sme e e zee March 25, 2011
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