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A word used to describe anything thats crappy or broken, derived from the word Spaceship for no reason what so ever.
Fikin hell I dropped my polos! Now ther Spac Shit
by Smarty P August 31, 2006
I verb meaning 'to play drums'.

drums drummer
Cummon Marty I want to bash bash bash this lunchtime!
by Smarty P May 16, 2006
A word similar to 'umm' used in order to express ur feeling that someone or sumthing is naughty.

'umanah beccas bin naughty!'
by Smarty P May 16, 2006
An amazing event for charity held each year to raise money for a Childrens hospital, all run by local bands doing both comedy gigs and playing as bands!
Momody live is going to rock this year thanks to everyone including Greg!
by Smarty P August 31, 2006
Used as an alternative for 'blimey' or 'cor blimey' it is used to express a feeling of shock
'flime emma! that was a close one!'
by Smarty P May 16, 2006
Word that really means 'run away' but used to mean 'come'.
Flee with me to the barn
by Smarty P May 16, 2006

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