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The few seconds the turn signal in you car blinks in sync with the car in front of you. The symphony comes from the ticking sound which provides the necessary audio to match the visuals. Though very short in duration, the symphony causes so much intrigue in those who experience it that they desperately anticipate its rare but occasional second occurrence before traffic ahead starts moving once more.
Passenger: Dude why are you smiling at the light from the car in front you?

Driver: *oblivious to surroundings due to absolute immersion in blink symphony*

Passenger: Yo there are no cars coming, mooooove.
by Smarter Child's Child December 18, 2009
The name given to a natural phenomena characterized by person seeming to experience an unending string of bad luck within a relative short period of time.

In layman's term, when a person just can't get a break.
Ex. 1: A person gets fired from their job, and upon arriving at their house they realized they locked themselves out. In an attempt to call a locksmith, said person realizes their phone isn't charged.

Ex.2: An ambitious single man has his date with a hottie postponed due to inclement weather; said bachelor decides to watch a DVD to pass time only to discover the disk is scratched. Single guy proceeds to pwn noobs in an online FPS then finds out internet service is down to the aforementioned inclement weather.

2 of many examples of Bullshit Transfer
by Smarter Child's Child December 18, 2009

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