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A place where homosexual activity occurs in Columbia, MO in the booth off Broadway St, in the jewelry store guest parking. A gay haven for local bums looking to work the glory hole.
(gay dude): Hey Josh, I want you to stick a banana in my tail pipe, but I don't want to get burned this time.
(Josh): Well why don't you just go down to Larry's Booth and you will get satisfied properly by the "hole fillers".
by Smarge August 22, 2012
When black people don't agree with something they say this. Equivalent to saying "Shit", but with swagger and soul. The way you talk after smoking a grape blunt while sipping a 40 of Colt 45.
Tyrone: "Yo dawg, let's go up to the pawn store and sell your PS 2"
JJ: "Sheeeeeet....them honkey jews up there never give us a good deal or even a solid quarter".
by Smarge August 22, 2012
short for eat a vagina
I told Stacey to EAV since she likes women better than men.
by Smarge June 09, 2007
stubs for boobs. another way to comment on a man's moobs or an extremely flat girl
Dan: woahh allison's stoobies are about as big as mine!
Foo: you mean non-existent?
Dan: yeppp
Foo: niiice
by smarge June 05, 2007
a total douchebag. A person lacking any people skills; a cockblocker; a person with homosexual tendencies.
When I walked into work today, I saw Jake trying to hit on Lynda. God, what a total fagabeefy!
by Smarge June 09, 2007

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