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A high school with the worst teachers ever (maybe 3 actually want to help kids learn). School colors are purple & gold, & there are about 1000 kids, which can be broken into 6 groups:
1. "Hicks"-drive shitty trucks & wear carhartt, but actually live in Sunland along a plush golf course or in a multimillion dollar house on Bell Hill, & they've never worked a day in their lives.
2. Real rednecks-live in mobile homes & legitimately can only afford old pickup trucks. Their parents often are loggers, or own a tiny local business.
3. Jocks-think they are the shit, & act like they are better than everyone. They drink & take ecstasy & fuck each other, &are going to end up prostitutes & pizza delivery men.
4. Goth-crave attention from everyone,& like to spread rumors about being pregnant, raped, abused, or suicidal. No one cares.
5. Hippie/art freaks-force their strange political views on you &smell like weed & sex, & most are really ugly.
6. Punks-do all drugs,all the time,never come to class, hang out at halfblock, play in a band, smoke cigs like they're the shit, & people forget they even exist. You run into them at safeway & go "holy shit, you're still alive?woah. I heard you went to rehab for meth, then failed at stealing from walmart & went to juvi, then you got out &moved to silverdale where you died in a gang fight cuz you think you're fuckin tupac. woah."
Kid from SHS: "I go to SHS"
Kid from China: "What's that?"
Kid from SHS: "Sequim High School"
Kid from China: "Gross"

Overall everyone knows about it, everyone hates it, & I applaud the dozen kids who have had the guts to actually set fire to it.
by SmallTownGirl83 February 28, 2011

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