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1.) A constant feeling that the noise of one's pee stream hitting the water produces a less manly noise than those of his fellow bathroom guests...suggesting that he has an inadequate sized dong.

2.) A sign that your prostate may in fact be creeping its way up the weinershaft. If your pee-noise suddenly becomes less manly, talk to a doctor.
Man one: **loud and thunderious pee noise**
Man one's thoughts: Thank god I don't have the pee-noise problem

Man two: **high pitched pee noise"
Man two's thoughts: Does this mean I got a small dick? Maybe he just has a small dick hole... why do I have a small dick hole? Do small dick holes mean small dicks? HOW SMALL IS TOO SMALL FOR A HOLE TO BE THE SMALL HOLE OF A SMALL DICK!!?????
by SmallGlovesSmallSocks March 12, 2011

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