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The Form of love that takes place between two males. Usually occurs online in "cyber" sex.
OMG dave, secks me more
Allright Alf, if you want Mansecks you get it.
by SmallFry April 05, 2003
i form of greeting that is informal
"hi to you too"
hi2u2 steve
by SmallFry April 05, 2003
as in the future tense
see you l8er
by SmallFry November 23, 2002
An adjective describing anything of extreme poor taste; something that makes one spew.
That goulash is the most spewtinous concoction I have ever tasted
by SmallFry January 11, 2005
What you type in when;
you are either new to UD and cant think of anything funny to type in

to show how bored you are at work.
Boss: what did you just type?
Employee: zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba
Boss: why? Am I that boring?
by smallfry January 30, 2014

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