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Someone who is always there for you when you need them, someone you can tell anything and everything, someone who buys you strawberry shakes at mcdonalds when you dont have money, someone you ride mopeds with, someone who you do crazy shit with that other people wouldnt understand, someone you can fake laugh with for hours just to create real laughs, someone who comes to this website to find crazy words for you to look up that will make you laugh so hard you almost pee your pants, someone who can make your day better just by being there, someone you ALWAYS wanna hang out with, someone you can never get sick of, someone who covers your car with stickynotes on your birthday, someone who fits in just like family, someone who can know what your thinking just by the look on your face, someone you have inside jokes with, someone who is really good at listening, someone who hangs out with you at work, someone you love, someone you have nicknames with that could fill up a whole paper, someone that cheers you up when you're downin, someone you go on roadtrips with, someone who is a crazy bitch but only in the best way possible, someone you can have pointless text-a-thons with everyday and never gets old, someone you laugh with erryday, but mainly someone you can always be yourself with :) <3
Best friends doing crazy shit together -driving on sidewalks even though there is a road right there,

Bestfriends have endless nicknames like Big Cans, BFF, BFFFL,
by Small Cans October 11, 2011

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