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The tinny music that emits from a chav's phone on the back of any bus.
Usually accompanied with cans of cheap lager, plastic bottles of cider and mention of the word 'donk' several times.
Person 1: Going to the dubstep rave tonight?
Person 2: Why bother, we've got all the drum and bus right here.

Chav's phone: 'Put a donk on it!'
by Smackaine March 17, 2009
Something to say after you've said literally anything, unless what you've just said actually contained a pun.

Made popular by the wonderful Moses Beacon, from the excellent comedy 'Come Fly With Me'.
Moses: My name is Moses Beacon, if you'll pardon the pun!
by Smackaine January 27, 2011
When talking to someone on the bus, you say something inappropriate and they lose interest in the conversation.

They then proceed to get a book out and read it, leaving you thoroughly ignored.
Met this girl on the bus today, totally made me book off.
by Smackaine April 08, 2009

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