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To have your life terminated by a grenade exploding on the other side of a map or thru a wall, strangely only occurs in Navy Seals: Covert Ops Quake 3 Mod.
guy 1 "dude, you were nowhere near me"
guy 2 "I know"
guy 1 "oh man, NADE BUG"
by Sm0kin August 08, 2003
a term favoured by a group of German game programmers when asked about release dates for 1.9. In English this translates roughly into "Never" amongst the frustrated gamers.
in IRC :
bloke A "hey Deffy, whens 1.9 coming?"
Deffy "Soon!"
bloke A " dude its been soon since Xmas "2002"
by Sm0kin August 09, 2003
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