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A fake slutty girl who changed too fast. also lost weight much too fast when she HONESTLY didn't need to, and now looks like a skeleton. Disgusting. Used to be a pretty teenage girl, now a slutty, skinny whore.
If you watch any of Hilary Duff's movies (excluding Material Girls & Cheaper by the Dozen 2), she's a teenage girl who is the "goody girl" type. She has blonde hair in most of her movies. If you watch her "With Love" music video, she's a complete SLUT. She went through a change way too fast... you can see a really big difference in her appearance from Cheaper by the Dozen 1 to Cheaper by the Dozen 2. In the first one she looks like an average girl, with blonde hair. In the second one, she's a complete snob with nasty cheekbones popping out of her face and looks like a stick, also may I mention she wears too much eyeliner. She wears too much makeup all together.
by Slynn May 05, 2007

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