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When one does not simply get fucked or made love to. When the dicking is so suave, the dick resembles the voice of Al Green, with the badass behavior of Liam Neeson, and has the speed and stamina of Usain Bolt. Commonly used by Australians, notably in European hostels.
Friend: "Did you give that girl the old hammer last night?"
Guy: "No mate, I gave her a proper dicking"

Friend: "Very well"
by SlyDirtyDog September 04, 2013
When someone is being a Jew and you are have an issue with this person. Not to get you confused with a Jewish issue, like Adolf Hitler and Anne Frank. But, it would be appropriate in the context of someone being a filthy dirty Jew bastard and you have a medium to large sized issue with this person.
"What's the Jish man?" "I have a Jish to pick with you."
by SlyDirtyDog November 17, 2012

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