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3 definitions by SlyDawg69

An erection acquired against one's will, usually at a very inconvenient time.
Guy #1
"Oh my, look at ol' Brett Hallacy. What a bulge!"

Guy #2
"Looks like he just popped a sly stiff!"
by SlyDawg69 January 21, 2010
An epic film created by several 10th grade high school students in 2009. The fruit of their labor consisted of a weeping religion teacher, a 30% failing grade, and a lifetime of lulz.
"Being a part of the Kerygma team was the climax of my life."
by SlyDawg69 May 15, 2010
The act of attempting to slyly hide an acquired erection in a place of public persons.
"Although Bret tries to cover it up, we know he's got a Sly Hallacy."
by SlyDawg69 May 15, 2010