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The physical act of draining the soup out of your own ass. The soup coming out of your ass must contain more than 70 maleets. It can either be souped sloppy, sideways, or straight.
Yo, do you wanna go do that bidnit after class today?

I can't. I have to bobalahee bobalahoo.
#bidnit #maleet #gary #souphole #sloppy #shit stew
by Sloppyjuice October 12, 2009
The random act of your dick falling off. It could fall off if too much pressure builds up when you take a shit, or could be as simple as just shitting your pants until your dick falls off.
I was going to go to class until I came down with a serious case of sloupage.
#sloppy #bidnit #soupage #dick slop #gayrod
by Sloppyjuice October 12, 2009
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