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5 definitions by Sloppy joe

When someone has an unfair advantage over you.
Obi-Wan: It's over anakin, I have the high ground!
Anakin: HAX!
by Sloppy Joe August 16, 2005
to urinate
I'm gonna go to the restroom and shake hand's with the wife's best friend.
by sloppy Joe April 30, 2003
a slutty woman from Tennessee
The whole town has had a piece of that Tennessee tuna.
by sloppy joe December 07, 2003
an affect to the tater-hole's perimeter often induced during extremely aggressive anal intercourse.
Hey Ted, you should see your mom's tater hole! She has an accute case of Tater-ring after I anhilated her tater-hole without the use of boy butter!
by Sloppy joe June 19, 2006
a lumpy pussy
man thats an ugly vode
by sloppy joe June 05, 2003