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4 definitions by Sloe Pimp

A motor vehicle driven by a mack to deliver one of more of his prostitutes to their assignations or distribute his ho's along his turf; Pimpmobile.
"I seen you last night, drivin' aroun' in yo' cunt wagon."

"What you say?"

"Drivin' yo' ho's in yo' Escalade, puttin' them out on the curb, like an ol' time milks man, dealin' out his bottles o' cream."
by Sloe Pimp December 04, 2007
A middleman who serves as an intermediary between a prostitute and a man, woman, couple or group desiring sex; a procurer; a pimp.
"They say Snoop Dogg wuz a cunt wrangler before he crack the music industry."

"Say what?"

"He deal in crack before rap!"
by Sloe Pimp December 04, 2007
Cadillac Eldorado (urban slang, 1960s & '70s)

See Jew canoe
"Felix traded in his Olds 98 for a new Jewish jeep as a 40th birthday present -- for himself!"
by Sloe Pimp December 04, 2007
A Cadillac. Specifically, a Cadillac Sedan DeVille or Fleetwood. (urban slang, circa 1960s & '70s)

See also: Jewish jeep
"I saw Hymie and the boys cadillacking over to Roswell in his new Jew canoe."
by Sloe Pimp December 04, 2007