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Usually a female individual, usually drunk and/or temperamental, noisy, and generally incorrect in assumptions. A woman more interested in ruining her man's good time than breathing. A nagging, rude, obnoxious female. See also cunt bag.
Dude, are you and Sarah going to make it to the Dirty American Playboys show?

No, she is just being a big ol' bag of cunt and won't come out to play!
by Slim Twofingers February 04, 2010
In many ways, this is a step up from douchebag or bag of douche you all commonly know.

carpet douchebagger - n - kar-pet doosh bag-err

1. In reference to carpetbaggers of Civil War era, going about causing trouble in the eyes of the locals

2. Someone who is a DB to such an extent that they seem to carry their supply of douche with them where ever they go.
Hey Red, this guy next to me is talking shit about the bartender and is screwing with the remote after every commercial! To top it off, he didn't even tip! What a carpet douchebagger!
by Slim Twofingers February 09, 2010

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