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Double simultaneous vaginal penetration by two males on one female. A variation is the Black and White Cookie where one male is black, the other white and the female of any race.
Yo, me and Ice cruised the local bar the other night and picked up a honey. We went back to my place and gave her a Double Stuff, Black and White Cookie.
Now the bitch walks funny and has a speech impediment. Naw whut I'm sayin?
by Slim Shady July 03, 2005
Exhibiting a sudden change of personality, from one extreme to another.
1. Man I be workin' the honey when she went non-linear on my ass.

2. Dis bitch be talkin' fly an stuff when all of a sudden she went non-linear 'bout her job n' shit. Know what I'm sayin' ?
by Slim Shady April 08, 2005
A sexual act; achieving orgasm through analingus and exclusive of any form of penile penetration.
Yo check dis shit out: the other night I got so crunk that I couldn't git it up. So I gave my bitch a butterscotch stallion an' s'alright!
by Slim Shady July 02, 2005
Another name for a penis
Yo, me an' my old lady got together last night I took the pigskin bus to tunatown.
by slim shady May 12, 2005
A diet product and used around my place '2177' in a different way
Kid 1:Hey fatty check the mail i sent you some slim fast!
Kid 2:Suck my cock
by Slim Shady November 19, 2004
For sure my nigga
im a do it fo shizzle my nizzo
by Slim Shady September 15, 2003
A sexual act; an interacial three way double stuff where one male is black, the other white and the female of any race.
Me and Jay-Z gave his old lady a black and white cookie the other night. Wurd.
by Slim Shady July 03, 2005
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