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His fans are known as Hulkamaniacs. He is arguabally the most influencial superstar in the great American sport of pro wrestling. He is Hulk Hogan (known as jusy Hollywood Hogan due to legal reasons). It is a force greater than anything seen in Star Wars. He made the WWE (when it was known as the more popular WWF) the great organisation that it is today. Hulkamania lives on whether Hogan is a babyface or a heel. It thrives on huge crowds, ripping of shirts, title belts, punches, kicks, legdrops, saying prayers, drinking milk, and taking vitamins. You can tell if Hulkamania is near by if you hear the song "real american" or Jimi Hendrix's Vodoo Chile. Brother.
Hulkamania will live forever.
by Slim Jim January 21, 2005
Ænima is a spiritual term meaning an Atlantis type cataclysm, meaning land sinking underneath water. The inside cover (where the CD sits) has a holograph of California sinking beneath the ocean, thus Ænima. The lyrics in the song suggest, “Your ass is going to be swimming in Arizona Bay”. Another contribute to the correct definition.

And for the opinion that the Ænima album is the best one, all Tool albums are great, each one is changed just a little bit, makes them worth listening too!
God damn, the land is sinking, must be time for some Ænima
by Slim Jim April 25, 2005
Real bad crazy monkey sex.
Chaise had some bad A-Chuta last night.
by Slim Jim October 23, 2004
n. Probably derieved from Punjabi, the world bumberclut is used to describe an idiot. Normally used in a situation when someone says or does something stupid and the user of the word wants to call someone twat features but doesn't want to be so rude.
You stupid bumberclut Canada isn't a real place.
by Slim Jim January 22, 2005

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