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A Ronnie Hot Finger is when a man takes a girl home and makes her nachos that include freshly sliced jalapenos. After consuming the delicious nachos, the male proceeds to insert his jalapeno fingers in the woman's vagina, causing her great discomfort in her nether regions, which in turn leads to blood curdling screams that wake your neighbors dogs up.
Dude, did you hear Adam gave that chick from last night the Ronnie Hot Finger?
#finger blast #finger #fingered #hot finger #twat
by SlifeB November 09, 2007
The South Bend toothbrush is the act of waking up in the morning after a long night of drinking alcohol and immediately smoking marijuana followed by a cigarette or five. If the timing is right, beer, bourbon and vodka may be involved in this practice. This act is derived from South Bend, Indiana.
Casey: "Dude, I got way fucked up last night. Do you want to go down in the basement and hit a few bingers?"

Brian: "For sure. The good old South Bend toothbrush?"

Casey: "Hell yeah! Do you have any smokes?"
#wake and bake #south bend #smoking pot #cigarettes #indiana
by SlifeB November 09, 2007
Slang for cocaine. Derived from the sensation you get when ingesting the drug and the motivation the drug gives you to "Go out and shred the night away".
Vinnie: Hey Mikey, can you hook it up with some shredders before we hit the club?
Mikey: For sure, yo! Fo Sho!
#cocaine #coke #blow #drugs #snow #nose candy
by SlifeB February 21, 2008
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