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A person with such fear of poverty and extreme desire to be fithly rich they become a blood-sucking psychopath capable of using their overzelousness for money to participate in crime(s) that maim or kill innocent people, but using deception to cover-up their moral weakness.
Kenny born in Coates, NC in 1943 to a smuggler father and Christian mother, lost his mind over money to the point he became a workaholic in his Virginia real estate business, addicted to gambling, and covertly is likely an organized crime boss being a money shark in such deceptive schemes as organized group stalking/gang stalking and the use of electronic direct energy weapons to cause serious diseases and premature death for such reasons as life insurance proceeds on his adult 45 year old Christian twin sons; plausible deniability from the problems he and his "friends" are causing is being used to say both twin sons are schizophrenic and delusional when they tell the truth about their evil father , other relatives that support him, and the national and international criminal network he belongs to and is using to destroy the twin sons.
by Slicksbro November 06, 2009
See term "gang stalking" or "money-shark". Gang stalkers are blood-sucking criminals.
If any of your relatives or friends or aquaitences (or anyone for that matter) is a gang stalker, then they are blood-sucker criminals.
by Slicksbro November 12, 2009
See term "money-shark". People who are gang stalking participate because they are criminally insane for money and power, or too morally weak so they are vulnerable to coercion, or in the case of doctors who advocate and allow this torture do it for human experimentation for the purpose mind engineering,i.e. mindcontrol. MK-Ultra was a notorious documented CIA mind control experiments that destroyed the lives of targeted individuals . Today, the perpetrators not only have a network to orchestrate stalking, but also reportedly the poisoning of food, property break-ins and destruction, vehicular maiming and killing, but have been given access to direct energy weapons that destroy mental and physical health. The direct energy is also used to attempt silent hypnosis,brain washing, sleep deprivation, dream insertion, dream interrogation to subconscious, etc.. Portion of the government and law enforcement involved in these "secret operations." Often, the federal, state, and local government use plausible deniability to say such government approved activity doesn't exist. The government and the perpetrators promote that the targeted individual, TI, is suffering from psychosis like schizophrenia or delusions. In one word......."EVIL" , describes the willing partcipants. Really.....have to be sick and twisted to willingly participate. Very Satantic.
Gang Stalking is an illegal government approved crime where a person's life and health is constantly torn down and threatened to make the targeted individual be more vulnerable towards attempted brainwashing. If government can learn to control a person's brain, then they can win any war. Governments lie about this to cover-up their evil deeds that give them knowledge and power. Who can help the victims prove this crime and stop the crimes?
by Slicksbro November 12, 2009

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