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3 definitions by Slick Parkdale


Massive Shit wave sometimes up to a thousand feet high caused by some event that triggers the feeling of so much shit being dropped on you at one time.

Could be several shitty situations that present themselves at the same time.
I got hit by a Tshitzami today at work.

Equipment wasn't working correctly. Having some bitchy boss yelling at me all day. Lunch gave me diarrhea. To top it off I locked my keys in my car. That's a Tshitzami day.
by Slick Parkdale September 15, 2006
Place a lighter outside of your clothes(underwear, pants panty's, shorts, so on...)put against your anus. Blast a large explosive flatulence (fart). While blasting one, light the lighter for a Blue Blazer flame.
A gaseous combustion released by the anus once lit with a flame causes a Blue Flame.

Today on the bus Sean put his legs on the back of the seat and took a lighter out and lit his farts. Causing a Blue Blazer.
by Slick Parkdale September 15, 2006

A position of the body or manner of carrying oneself while on their computer.
A state of mind or a feeling a person gets while Online.
An arrogant state of mind that experienced Computer users develop.
Internet Master.
Ian sure carries himself with Onlineitude. He makes using the computer and Internet so easy. He is a Internet Master.
by Slick Parkdale April 29, 2007