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verb: to stenga
the act of using alcohol and/or any other sort of intoxicant to increase one's chances of achieving sexual delight with a specific target.

to be stenga'd
waking up the next morning with a feeling of shame and worthlessness as well as a terrible hangover. asking your friends whether that ugly sleeze bag nailing you was a dream or actually happened. yea... it happened.
jimmy: dude, you should stop feeding sarah all that booze. seriously like i think she might actually die.
arthur: don't worry jimmy. i know exactly what i'm doing. it's the art of stenga.
jimmy: ooohh. on a stenga mission are we. well dude you better give her a few more shots if you want to pull this one off.

mary: sarah you poor thing, that asshole stenga'd you so bad
sarah: i know mary, but greater then my shame is my amazement. that was a perfectly executed stenga.
by Sleezebag Adams May 29, 2006

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