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1 definition by Sleepy Magoo

The alternate, astonishingly confusing and weirdly different subway system one sometimes takes late at night (particularly after a lot of sake); marked by a total lack of public restrooms, courteous flight attendants who remind you when your stop is approaching, and people you would spend any amount of time with; dream-like public transportation in which the very laws of the physical and temporal worlds are bent and stretched so far that you think the B train might actually take you to your apartment door or that you live on the platform at 148th Street.
"After sushi karaoke, I took the conway home and ended up confidently urinating on the Columbus Circle platform after I rode the B train to Harlem where I don't live. Thank Crom I survived and found my way back to the subway."
by Sleepy Magoo January 13, 2013
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