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2 definitions by SlebélbÖchk

A character based off of Dan Sliwa. He is commonly seen fleeing from catastrophic situations in an epic manner.
Epic Dan is running from The Holocaust!
Damn, he's so epic.....
by SlebélbÖchk November 25, 2010
4 2
A youtube series following a loose cast of teenagers that live in northeast Illinois. Started in June 2006. It is a look through the lives of those teenagers and their ideas in the form of skits that are only funny to the members of the show and a couple of deranged fans. It is also called CES
Dude: "Hey! Is the new episode of The Crazy Evil Show up yet?"
Other Dude: "No, Kyle still didn't put it up yet..."
Dude: "Damn...."
by SlebélbÖchk November 25, 2010
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