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A game in which the object is to take rubber balls and throw them at members of the opposing team, and is won when an entire team is out. It starts with 6-10 rubber balls being lined up in the middle of the court. When the game starts, everyone makes a mad dash to pick up a ball and chuck it at the other team. If you are hit by the ball before it touches to ground, you are out. If you catch the ball, the thrower is out, and, depending on the rules, a member of your team may come back in.

This sport was banned in American public schools, apparently by both tree-hugging pinko liberals and bible-thumping conservatives. It was probably banned becuase of the fact that dodgeball is not a good co-ed sport. And since your average PE-loving meathead has no concept of self control, what results is 5'1" tall 110 pound girls being hit in the face by balls traveling upwards of the speed of sound.

Dodgeball is touted by supporters as natural selection in action. Others claim it is needed to put the fatties and pussies in their respective places. Some even go so far as to say it teaches skills.

Dodgeball, although banned, is still the archetypical sport of gym class, and is remembered as such. Everyone except the fat, uncoordinated and general pussies is sad to see it go.
That ball Mike whipped at Lauren knocked her a good ten feet back and gave her a concussion.

That ball Mike whipped at that fat kid made him drop his Milk Duds.
by SleazySaint June 16, 2004

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