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1) A humanoid that uses the anonymity of the internet to say

outdated stereotypical jokes and/or racial slurs in an

attempt to harm or fit in with some third party; Mostly due

to an inherent inferiority complex.

2) 90% of the people on Xbox Live.

3) Someone that needs to be hit in the fuc*ing mouth.
ex1) I met an Internet Racist yesterday but, he didn't

bother me because I had Slayer's bio up.

ex2)William: Hey Slayah, why did you get booted from


Slayah: That's an easy one Billy, it was because an

Internet Racist was hurt by my bio-- read it here>>

Slayer's Bio
by Slayah X May 01, 2010
A virtual repellent for the Internet Racist encountered on Xbox Live:

"Been called a nig*er on xbl live lately? Sucks huh? Well, here are some facts about internet racists you may not have known:
1) Only say Ni*ger in their home, far from danger.
2) Have small meat a.k.a Shween.
3) Their mom slept with a black man in college.
4) Their mom is sleeping with that man now.
5) They have a picture of Beyonce with the mouth cut out

and strokes themselves to sleep.
6) They TiVo 106 & park.
7) They sleep with a Mr. T action figure
8) They know all the words to J.U.I.C.Y
9) A confederate flag is tucked away under their bed
"just in case."
guy1: Some douche bag is using "witty and new" insults from

the 1920's again. Darn Xbox Live!

guy2: Lol, just put up Slayer's Bio that will shut em' down.

guy1: You mean that HumanSLAYERX guy?

guy 2: Yeah. he's been at this for six years now.

guy1: Nice.
by Slayah X May 01, 2010

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