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Worker, fetcher, or basically anyone you can order to do various jobs. The best example of this is Fido from the GTA game series which is the main character who does many jobs for local crime bosses.
That fido will do anything you say.
by Slavik Von Stockholm May 03, 2005
Spaz is a shorter version of Spazmodically_insane, who was a forumer. What made him stand out was the fact that he hated n00bs so much that he ragged and flamed them constantly.
Another dirrivetive of the above spaz. To lash out at someone who is inexperienced or otherwise a n00b.
N: With all of his falming, he's another Spaz.

V: Come on man, don't spaz.
by Slavik Von Stockholm May 03, 2005
The removal of an unborn baby.
Really, in the physical life, there is nothing wrong with abortion. Though it is seen as just purely wrong to abort a baby when the woman having it was simply having sex without protection and not caring, most see it wrong because of their religious beliefs. Since the Bible hasn't so touched up on the subject of abortion directly, people have seen it fit for them to add to the scriptures and such and call it murder, which in fact is wrong according to the Bible.

Really, abortion is considered right overall when it is found that the baby will die along with the wife, will be born into a life a pain, or is the product of rape, but even here many "Pro-lifers" insist this is wrong and that it is murder and want it banned, when it simply starts up the same protestes from "Pro-choicers" and "Back alley" abortions.

"Pro-choicers" also say that if abortion is wrong, then maturbation is wrong (Which is "unclean" to the Bible, not a sin, incase you don't know). Though yes, this is the death of sperm itself, most "Pro-Lifers" say that this is only half of the equation for life, and doesn't count.

All in all, I have this to say to you women out there:
It doesn't matter if it's your choice at the moment. Don't be a whore. Use protection. You'll only need to do this when you really have to, and only unknowing, extremist "Pro-lifers" will oppose your decisions, which are a matter of death without it anyways.
If you fall into the religious category, and you cannot go about through life with a child without bringing pain to the baby, you, and others, put it up for adoption.
Not only is it a bit more "moral", but it won't be murder, and all in all, adoption is always a much more viable choice.
But that's the thing.
All in all, it is YOUR choice.
There are three, though.
Birth and Parenting.
If you can't care for the baby without pain or death brought to him or her due to your environment or the cause (Mainly rape), mark out Birth.
If you, the baby, or both will die if birthed, mark out Adoption and Birth.

If the above don't apply, make your choice based off your beliefs, and what you'd feel best with, not what others feel.
It's none of their buisness.

Also, use protection if you don't want a child. PERIOD!
by Slavik Von Stockholm July 11, 2005
Any combo of items in a video game that require little skill but is very powerful. These combos are looked down by higher class players who have mastered other combos but are still getting killed by players who basically cheat by using the same easy combo over and over again.
But you're the master, how did he beat you?
He just kept usin an old noob combo.
by Slavik Von Stockholm May 04, 2005
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