37 definitions by SlasheR

A Specific Tool mainly Used By Tylers Mother. A Gigantic Dildo that will rip you in two.
Damn that bitzch uzin a fuckin Rectum Ripper
by SlasheR September 26, 2003
An expletive, referring to something unfortunate happening to ones balls.
- I think that was your mom we just backed over.
- Scrotality
by slasher March 26, 2003
poop, shit. Substance that comes out of your Ass.
I took a pooizzle on da toizzle sizzle.
by SlasheR September 21, 2003
An instance of fecal matter used as a dildo.
"I can't believe your mom just did that!"
by Slasher March 17, 2003
could be used as 'me', or 'merry'
it was medizzle!
medizzle christmasizzle!
by SlasheR September 21, 2003
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