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its what the gangstas use as teeth
yo i got in a fight and got knocked in ma jaw. i had to get som gold teef. yeeeuh.
by SlasheR October 06, 2003
a fun activity to do to people you dont like.
i was bored one day, so i decided to go around and slit some throats
by SlasheR September 27, 2003
The Damn best sport on this planet.
ice hockey fuckin rules!!!
by SlasheR September 27, 2003
A small shitty foriegn car with funky colors and tinted windows. mostly driven by RiceBoy or Spix with his home boy in tha back seat suckin a dick for fun. With no muffler, and shiny chrome rims, and 75HP, this machine can kick out a top speed of 60MPH. If driven too fast, it may break and fall apart in the middle of the highway. Or just get blown off the road by my rocket launcher.
look at that riceboy! he be ridin in his ricemobile!
by SlasheR September 26, 2003
An Anime, techno/house/tribal music & CounterStrike freak who is often AFK & can be found on Austnet on IRC during the wee hours of the morn.
<@J_T> I play with myself then.
by Slasher January 02, 2004
Usually refered to as 'Slapping Bitches'
Ima Smack-dizzle that bizzle!
by SlasheR September 21, 2003
An expletive, referring to something unfortunate happening to ones balls.
- I think that was your mom we just backed over.
- Scrotality
by slasher March 26, 2003

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