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A man who feels his cocky demeaner somehow makes him a superior person. He however does not realize that in real life he collects wellfare and lives in a giant boot that was once owned by Paul Bunyan.
It looks like El Capitano Gatisto got out of the boot finally... thank god.
by Slapstick Comedy Gone Wrong December 23, 2004
A man who takes pride in friends he will never meet in real life. He sleeps in his closet on most nights, and doesn't bathe. Also he has a sock that he wears on his left hand that has a face similar to his great-grandpa's and he spends time talking to this sock on his hand.
SideburnZ just spent twelve hours in his closet talking to his sock again while Masturbating to his winter boots.
by Slapstick Comedy Gone Wrong September 09, 2004
Dude has a hat made of pure butter. He and Miotch often go to see SideburnZ when he is out of the closet with his grandpa sock. Alphabean and Wedge are enemeys who would each each others faces out if they were not afraid of chipping a tooth.
How did you get that hat made of butter on to the beach without it melting Alphabean?
by Slapstick Comedy Gone Wrong December 23, 2004
Best friends with XundertakerX. They are both friends in the 5th grade, and taught each other everything they know about sex.
I bet XundertakerX and Zefflin are pretending to go to a movie agian, so they can both slip into a sleeping bag.
by Slapstick Comedy Gone Wrong December 23, 2004
What in the hell is this guy thinking? I really have no clue. Is he thinking "You know I think I better save a few dollars for me mum" or is he thinking "I better spend this cash so me mum doesn't get a hold of it"

Either way he's thinking something, and thats not a good thing for everyone else.
HB2K4, do you realize what you are doing!
by Slapstick Comedy Gone Wrong December 23, 2004
This guy gets a thumb up, that is for sure. However, can we really tell if he has thumbs or not? Is he capable of giving himself a thumbs up, or must he hold a thick pencil in his palm facing skyward to resemble a thumb? Either way the man is a legend, thumb or no thumb. He is close with Dan the Man but not in a sexual, friend ship, or literal meaning.
Is that a pencil in Miotch's hand?
by Slapstick Comedy Gone Wrong December 23, 2004
A man who follows the worst NFL team in the history of the spot. This guy is known for snorting crack off the crack of a crack-whore. He likes to eat pancakes as well.
Why don't you stop eating those pancakes JoJo the Rabid Money? Seriously.
by Slapstick Comedy Gone Wrong December 23, 2004
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