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This term means, quit actin stupid
When your friend is doin somethin totally retarded, just tell the kid, man quit fizzlateing.
#stupid #dumbass #dumbfuck #retard #queer
by Slangbanga March 17, 2006
A easy chick that will give what you want in less then 5 hours.
Like when your just in the mall chillin and this quickey dyme walks up 2 u and u barely spit any game to her and she comes home with you.
#whore #hooker #ho #bitch #gigalo
by Slangbanga March 17, 2006
Another name for your homeboys
Just chillin wit yo homies and u forget your friends name, just call the dude chief
#dawg #homie #pimp #playboy #nigga
by Slangbanga March 17, 2006
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