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When two division rival NFL teams meet each other a third time in a playoff matchup after playing each other twice during the regular season.

Can also be used as a synonym for rubber match or tiebreaker in a best-of-three series
The Ravens and Steelers, who each won a game during their home-and-away matchups earlier in the season, will square off in their threematch on Saturday in Pittsburgh. The winner of the threematch advances to the conference final, and the loser goes home.
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by Slamnaniganz! January 10, 2011
Refers to the amount of time you have to be able to fast-forward on your TiVo/DVR until you're watching TV in real time. When you pause your TiVo/DVR, "juice" accrues so that when a commercial break comes, you "squeeze" your juice by fast-forwarding so that you don't have to sit through commercials or delays like time-outs during sporting events.

Juice enables you to watch your favorite programming in less time. A three-hour football game can be watched in one hour because of the presence and availability of juice.
"Damn, this injury timeout is taking forEVER! Do you have any juice on your TiVo?"

"I'd love to fast-forward through American Idol's insanely long commercial breaks, but I'm watching it live, so I have no juice."

"Don't worry about being late for the Monday Night Football game. I paused the game at the beginning of the telecast so that when you arrive, we'll have plenty of juice to fast forward through replay challenges, injuries, and the awful halftime show."
#juice #tivo #tv #fast-forward #pause
by Slamnaniganz! October 14, 2009
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