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Use this word when you wish to self-depreciate, brush off an unwanted compliment, or just sound really, really cool.
Chocolate bar Girl: "Why so blue, panda bear?"
Guy: "Whatev."
Both: Hahahahaha
by Slamdarius March 21, 2006
The muffin is a veritable jack-of-all-trades, being a fluffy baked good able to be filled with a varied and delicious assortment of comestables, including, but not limited to: blueberries, raspberries, crunchberries, razor blades, baby fingers, and jam. ESPECIALLY jam...mmmmmmmhhhh...
Man: Is that a muffin, sir?
Baker: Indeed it is, but you cannot have it! -munch munch munch-
Man: Nuuuuuuu! -fart-
Baker: Ha-ha-ha.
by Slamdarius March 21, 2006
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