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A Serb, is a Serbian person, Orthodox, and a slav. Serbs have a wonderful country Serbia, full of history, beautiful culture, and wonderful loving people. Serbs are very patriotic, intelligent,brave, and are God's people. They inhabited Bosnia and Hercegovina( which borders Serbia) during the 6th century, and have been living there ever since. During the Ottoman period, Turks invaded Bosnia( Like many other countries, including Serbia) and tortured, raped, and killed the Serbs. They forced them to convert to Islam, and that's why a lot of "Bosnjaks" today have Serb blood in them.Some Serbs also have some Turkish blood, from being raped for 500 years. During this period, Serbs ran from the Turks, and inhabited a big part of Croatia, called Krajina. These three countries are the main ones inhabited by Serbs, and they are all very special and historical to them. In 1918 Yugoslavia was formed, and these 3 countries, including few others, were joined together. In 1990 a horrible civil war broke out in Bosnia and Croatia, and Yugoslavia broek up. Thanks to propoganda, everything was blamed on Serbs. The world has a bad view about them now, but the truth always comes out and history will tell its story later on. The Serbs from Croatia were Ethnically cleansed and there are hardly any left now. The Serbs from Bosnia were alos cleansed out, but thanks to Ratko Mladic, and Radovan Karadzic, there is a Serb Rapublik which saved and Protected the Serbs in Bosnia. Since the war, Serbs have spread all over the world. But they all know who they are and where they're from. Serbia will always be their homeland, and in their hearts.
Q: Who were the first inhabitants of Kosovo?
A: Serbs
Q: Who does Kosovo belong to?
A: Serbs
by Sladjana April 25, 2006

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