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Sh - Lack - Way - Z
Refers to being proper mutta slack in a way that only the slackest of all hoodrats would understand. Slackwayz is more than a state of mind, its a lifestyle and somewhat a religion to most chronic pot heads. In order to embrace the essence of slackwayz, first one must pass the test which includes, 1: A shot of rum from Caelims personal stash of rum. 2: Let Skittles beat the fuck out of you for 3 minutes or complete a full ab workout with him at the home gym. 3: Let robo give you boots(stomp your fuckin head in) or race him in his 'lux'.
1. 'brah, im proper slackwayz der. pass me the rum Stegz bro'
2. 'Skittles bro, your mutta slackwayz, get back to school'
3. 'Nah dont be slackwayz cunt, have your chobacko you bitch'
by SlackWayzKrew August 21, 2011

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