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A lame excuse for music. inspired by people with soul and talent in the 70's now has made itself into a monster, it is corrupting our youth,including me at one point, until the rock saved my soul, but thats a different story. i dont care what you say, ive listened to this 'music' and i see that it is garbage. This cannot even come close to the word poetry. sure there are very few diamonds in the rough,VERY few. all the rappers that are praised as heroes in today's society, including the "almighty" 2pac, are nothing but talentless low class thugs. and if you tell me that not all their music is about guns sex and degredation of women. well,from experience i can tell you that about 80% of it is. I think it is a pretty sad existance if thats all you come up with and still you call yourself a musician. you say there are rappers with talent i agree, but there not the ones the kids are listening to, i guess im considered a kid to, but i escaped the brainwashing. i see this as a fact because i see my little brother whos only 12 and sister whos 14, 2 years younger than me. my brother is starting to use slang terms, and my sister is hearing all these vile lyrics and thinking its fucking cool. these rappers glorify being a "gangster" as so glamorous, so when you tell me to just "not listen to it if i dont like it" well its hard when its coming into my home and fucking with their impressionable minds. It pisses me off even more to know theres nothing i can do about it. Rap is the single biggest lame excuse for music in history of mankind, it also makes me smile when i know that rap is a fad, it will go away as quickly as it came people will realize how fucking stupid it is. And, like always, the throne will be taken over by its rightful master-rock n' roll. But in the meantime, tupac biggie 50cent g-unit three six mafia lilwyte jay-z and all you other talentlentless piles of waste, stay the fuck out of my home.
Hey kid pull up your fucking pants, you been listenin to that rap bullshit?

(note: this entry would be alot longer if i included all my racist feelings, but since they are allowed to say as much as they want about us white folk, i guess if i slip a single n-bomb, im a racist pig...)
by SlaYeR666 June 18, 2006

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