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The act of moving in the opposite direction of everyone else using the aisle. While they can be spotted in any type of aisle, they are frequently seen on airlines during loading and deplaning.
Did you see the 'aisle salmon' trying to work his way back five rows to get a roller bag our of the overhead while everyone was trying to get off the plane?
by SkynSea April 27, 2009
This is a person who has either never flown on a commercial airline or has flown, but refuses to abide by the standard conventions and customary practices that would allow the rest of the public to reach our destinations with speed and minimal hassle.

Did you see the guy with four carry-ons, trying to board before his row is called, then standing there blocking the way for the rest of us-- What an airtard!
by SkynSea April 27, 2009
Its an elevation from "Airtard' a person with no sense of how to act on an airline. You move from 'airtard' to 'airhole' when you refuse to take direction of fellow travelers who are just trying to travel point A to B with the minimum amount of hassle as quickly as possible.
That 'airtard' tried to board before it was his turn, now he refuses to move after he was suggested that he go to the back of the line- what an 'Airhole'!
by SkynSea April 27, 2009
the act of posting/tweeting/emailing a hyperlink that was sent to you without giving credit.
I sent you that funny link and you posted it to facebook.com like you discovered it, an absolute case of PLAGILINKISM.
by SkynSea March 03, 2010
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