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3 definitions by Skylar Luster

A spoiled brat that tends to hunch and always slam doors. A person who tumors onto her mommy; a piece of shit.
Taurie is such a tumor!
Why is Taurie even here, shes so fucking annoying...
by Skylar Luster December 15, 2007
11 34
A total Nimrod. A person who is a stupid asshole and needs to fall off the face of the earth.
Hey Dick lips, ya I'm talking to you, you're a fucking idiot!
by Skylar Luster December 15, 2007
18 45
A Vile human which is considered to be the Boyle on the butt of America; an encrustation if you will.
Shane: Hey what pathetic loser can we bring with us tonight?
Sky: I don't know someone we can pwn on...how about Abby?
by Skylar Luster December 15, 2007
132 442