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When a girl takes the guy's penis between her hands, moveing them back and forth as if to light a fire with sticks.
My girlfriend gave me a russian tornado last night and I haven't unwinded yet.
by Skyjuice December 30, 2008
Mental state induced by the presence of one or several milfs. Young, single men are most at risk. Common alleged symptoms are daydreaming and overwhelming desire. Also known as cougar disease.
Milfantasy occurences have increased phenomenally since the invention of the internet.
by skyjuice December 30, 2008
Act of streaking in a mirror maze.
That carnival overcharged me, but I didn't mind, I had my riddler's revenge.
by skyjuice December 30, 2008
A rare condition in which one cannot help from repeatedly blinking during intercourse.
My girlfriend was freaked out until I explained I suffered from blinkercourse.
by skyjuice December 30, 2008
Person who's look changes completely when wearing a mustache, so much they can barely be recognized.
That day, when my brother came into the house and looked into my eyes, my blood frose: I learned he was a werestache.
by skyjuice December 30, 2008
The act of making an opening into a material or product and then proceeding to sexual intercourse with it.
Slice and Fuck: better than Fish and Chips.
by skyjuice December 30, 2008
Term referring to a person whom after breakup tries to badmouth their ex on sites such as Myspace or Urban Dictionary, thus wasting editors' (non-precious) time.
Instead of swinging her fist into his face, she decided to go home and be a Pissed-Off-Ex.
by skyjuice December 30, 2008
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