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(noun): 1) Any of the various forms of homosexuals that enjoy giving and taking it up the ass. 2) A cowboy who breaks in a saddle for a horse.
1) Tyrell's ability to get on his hands and knees and get donkeyfucked by Johnson makes him the consummate roughrider.

2) Cody just got done roughriding a piece of leather for my steed. It's all soft and smooth now.
by Skygod74 September 07, 2007
A girl who leaves a Hutterite colony, is fucked by several guys, and is then dumped only to return to the colony with a bunch of unwanted kids.
The colony won't take Sarah back because she's been whoring around Havre and fucked an Indian. She's a real slutterite.
by Skygod74 May 09, 2008
(noun): The act of engaging in anal intercourse or other forms of faggotry involving the anus.
John is such an assknocker! He pounded James in the pooper until he shit blood.
by Skygod74 September 10, 2007
The social welfare system of the State. Often used in the pejorative context to refer to lazy, uneducated citizens who desire to "milk" the freebies of government until they're forced to work, or expel another child into the world.
Shauntaye's been sucking off the public tit for 5 years now cuz she donno who da bebbe daddy is!
by skygod74 April 27, 2007
A tampon or other flow control device.
Crystal had issues finding the ripcord on her vag plug so she had me dig it out for her.
by Skygod74 April 27, 2007
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